Defeat Laziness

15 Ways and Tips to Defeat Laziness that You can Do Now!

Humans are naturally lazy. We want to do nothing because it is our brain’s way to protect us. When we do nothing, it is more likely that we will not be in danger. Despite this, there are a lot of reasons why we cannot defeat laziness.

This laziness is not an advantage especially when you are trying to finish something. Students need to finish their project or study for exams. Office workers, on the other hand, need to meet their deadlines.

With too much laziness, it is sure that our productivity level is suffer. It is likely that we will not be able to don anything but to be in bed and stare in our smartphones.

Just because we are naturally lazy, doesn’t mean that we will not do something about it.


Defeat Laziness

Defeating laziness will not just make us productive, it will also help us to be disciplined in other aspects of our lives.

It will also allow us to be successful in the field that we pursue. Being able to defeat laziness enables us to discover the better version of ourselves and enables us to improve our lives in general.

In this article, we will be discussing 15 different ways on how you can defeat laziness and discover the productive you.


The 15 ways are the following:

1.       Break down tasks into smaller tasks.

2.      Rest, sleep and Exercise.

3.      Find a Motivation

4.      Visualize

5.      Set Personal deadlines.

6.      Think of the benefits.

7.      Identify the real problem.

8.     Set SMART goals.

9.      One thing at a time.

10.  Challenge yourself.

11.   Check your progress.

12.  Reward yourself.

13.  Find your passion

14.  Make a “to-do” list.

15.  Discipline


Break Down Tasks into Smaller Tasks

One of the main reasons tend to be lazy is the fact that they are overwhelmed by the things that they need to do.

For example, some students tend to be lazy because they thing that they have to finish a whole project in just a short time.

People lose their motivation to work when they realize that they have a lot to do. However, this problem can easily be solved by breaking down the big task into smaller tasks.

This will definitely help you to defeat laziness since you will not be overwhelmed by the work that you have to do. Do this every time you feel that you have a lot to do.

This will also enable you to finish the whole task without you actually noticing it. You will be surprised that you already finished the task by finishing small tasks.


Rest, Sleep and Exercise


Maybe the main reason why you are lazy is the fact that you are tired. Never do anything with tired mind. You will not only do the task improperly, you will also give a poor output.

It is important that you have enough rest and sleep. I said enough, not too much.

You can nap between works to refresh your mind. After working for some time, your brain will accumulate adenosine, which is the feel-tired hormone. You can remove these hormones by drinking a cup of coffee or taking a 20-minute nap.

Exercise is also important to your brain. I promise you that this can help you defeat laziness. Exercise enables your brain to create dopamine, which is the feel-good hormone.

It will also allow you to discipline yourself by following an exercise regimen.


Find a Motivation

Some people need motivation for them to be able to defeat laziness. They have to be motivated to actually move and work.

If you are one of these people then you have to look for something that can motivate you.

Personally, every time that I need to be motivated, I just go to Google Images and search for Motivational quotes. These quotes helps me to remember the reason why I started doing things.

If you’re not like me, then I suggest that you motivate yourself using other ways. For example, you can reflect on the reason on why you started to work on something.

The key here is you have to set your mind to work and defeat laziness that has always been the reason why you haven’t been the person you wanted to be.



Begin with an end in mind. This is one of the most popular quotes I’ve been hearing everywhere. It tells us to start our work and have a visualization of the result of our work.

It is important to visualize the product of your work to motivate yourself. Imagine you being hardworking and doing the things that you have been dreaming. Imagine yourself being the employee of the month or being the best in class.

Always imagine the version of yourself who is not lazy. The version can achieve anything he/she wants. He/she can do anything because he/she is not lazy.

Remember why you started at all and remember the ending of this action. You will be able to defeat laziness.


Set Personal Deadlines


I told you in number 1 that you have to break a big task into smaller tasks. Now, you have to set personal deadlines to those small tasks to ensure that you will not procrastinate.

These personal deadlines must always be met. Failure to do so, means failing to discipline yourself and failing to defeat laziness.

If you have a 10-page paper to make which is due after a month, divide it into one page each. After this, make sure that every two days, you will be able to finish at least one page. This will not just allow you to finish your paper early. It will also allow you to have enough time to edit and polish your work.

Setting personal deadlines is like having exercise. It is a way for our brain to develop a habit. You are not born lazy. You just developed that trait because of numerous reasons.

To counter these reasons, you have to develop a new habit, the habit of working early.

After a few weeks, you will be surprised that you will no longer find it hard to work. It will be an easy thing for you to do since your brain is already programmed to work early and finish your work as soon as possible.


Think of the Benefits

If you finish your project now, then you will have more time for yourself. You will be able to hang out with your friends and do things that you enjoy.

If you finish your work before the deadline, then your boss might notice your hard work, promote you, and increase your pay.

Think of these benefits when you’re trying to defeat laziness. Imagine the things that you can get if you’re not lazy. Think of the titles, the fame, the rewards that the hardworking you can get.

You will not achieve anything by being lazy. You will just be a burden to other people or to the system. Do your work and do it quick.

Always tell yourself that all your hardwork will be worth it.


Identify the Real Problem

For some people, laziness is the product of one problem. One problem that we have to identify and solve first before we can defeat laziness.

For example, some people find it hard to work on their homes while some people find it hard to work with distractions. Remove these distractions and adjust accordingly.

Identify that one thing that makes you lazy. Solve that problem and you will be able to defeat laziness. I don’t have much to say in this part since this will all depend on you.

Take a moment. Stop and reflect on your current situation and the problems that your facing. Solve this then work.



Set SMART Goals

Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Time-bound.

These five traits should be the traits of your goals. The problem with some people is the fact that their goals or expectations are too big, too vague and unrealistic.

Remember to set goals that you can actually achieve. By doing so, you will be able to reward yourself with dopamine since it will think that you have achieved something.

Don’t think that you can finish your paper in one day. Think that you can do a page in one day. Changing the way you think will also help you defeat laziness.

Vague, unrealistic and big goals will just make you feel horrible every time you won’t be able to achieve them.

By making SMART goals, you will achieve small things in the long run and reach the non-lazy version of yourself in the long run.


One Thing at a Time

Never multitask. It has been proven that no one can actually do two things at a time. Even if you can, the quality of your work can be bad.

The problem with people who multitask is the fact that these people tend to be overwhelmed by the work that they need to do. Trust me, you will be able to finish your work early if you do one thing at a time.

Multitasking let you do a lot of things at once but it also let you make works that are not of quality.

This is bad since not only did you overwhelm yourself, you will also not be able to get the results of your work since they will likely to be poor of quality.

Do one thing at once. It will help you in the long run and it will help you defeat laziness.


Challenge Yourself

Some people say that, there is no better thing than to be better than your former self. I agree to this. I admit that I compare my life to other people lives sometimes. However, my ultimate goal is to always be better that who I was yesterday.

Challege yourself to be better. Challenge yourself to defeat laziness. Force yourself to work if you have to.

Condition your mind to think that you have to work now or else something bad might happen. Condition your mind to think that the future you will thank you for doing your work now instead of later.

Challenge yourself to strive for more. You can also look for inspiration from people who were from below but managed to be able to be at top because of hardwork. After reading their stories, challenge yourself to be like them or to be better than them

Trust me. This will work.


Check Your Progress

One thing you can do to defeat laziness is by checking your progress. Checking your progress will help you, do more work since it will give you a sense of urgency.

For example, you were given a week to finish a paper, knowing that you haven’t started after three days will trigger your brain to work now.

It will panic and do everything it can to remove that anxiety. One thing it does to remove anxiety is to actually work.

Checking your progress will also enable you to track how much work you have done and how much work you still have to do. This can help you manage your time well. It will also help you to avoid procrastinating.

Do check your progress to do more work.



Reward Yourself

I told you earlier that you have to break your task into smaller tasks. I also told you to set personal deadlines. One thing you can do to motivate yourself and work harder is by rewarding yourself.

Why don’t you eat a piece of your favorite chocolate every time you finish a task?

This is beneficial to your brain. The brain always want to be rewarded. When, the brain realized that it is being rewarded every time it finishes a task, it will push you more.

Don’t be afraid to reward yourself even if you have just finished the first page of your 10-page paper. That one page you will finish is progress and it will help you defeat laziness in the long run.


Find Your Passion

Maybe the reason why you’re lazy is the fact that you do not like what you’re doing.

If this is the reason, then changing your career should be a choice. Nothing will help you to work more if you cannot motivate yourself.

Doing things that you do not love will just make you tired at the end of the day.

Trust me. When you do something you love, you won’t be even able to watch ow the time pass.

For example, I love teaching kids. Last summer, I was given the chance to teach three classes of students for six weeks. Yes, it was very tiring but it was very fulfilling as well.

Until now, I miss then and I reflect on how quickly those six weeks past by.

Do the things that make your heart beat. Do this and you will never be lazy again.


Make a “To-Do” List

To-Do List

This is part of checking your progress tip. Making a To-Do list will  definitely help you.

The feeling of checking finished work is fulfilling. It seems like your hard  work is paying off. Making a to-do list will also enable you the work that  you still have to do.

This will help you track you progress so you can adjust accordingly.

To-do list will also make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything to do. List down the smaller tasks here and their deadlines and check them every time you finish a task.

This is a small act but this will also help you defeat laziness.



At the end of the day, the most important thing that you need to defeat laziness is discipline. You will not be able to do all the things above if you do not have discipline.

You have to be committed to your decision of not being lazy anymore. Always remember why you started this journey at all and the goals that you’ll achieve in the end.

After all, you will solely decide on your fate. Whether you become hard working or lazy is your choice.

I just hope that at the end of the day, you choose to be the better you.


Conclusion, Defeat Laziness

There you have it, 15 ways to defeat laziness. If you can do all the things above then I completely assure you that laziness will never be a thing to you again. You will achieve great things and be the one person who is much better than you.

Go forth and start your journey to the better you.


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Were you able to do the things above? How was your experience? Share your thoughts below.




13 Replies to “15 Ways and Tips to Defeat Laziness that You can Do Now!”

  1. Ania Travels

    I love this, I usually find myself the most lazy in the morning trying to get out of bed haha. But once the day progresses I have so much to do that I’m busy, but these are great tips for when I feel particularly lazy.

  2. chei

    Aw. That hits me! Why force someone do something against his will. He is on the right path. Salute for his bravery. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • chei

      This post reminds me of my everyday life. I feel so lazy every morning I wake up but as soon as stand out of bed, I realize that I have much things to do.

  3. Ali Rost

    Such a great post! I especially love the tip about sleep, rest, and exercise. When I’m not taking very good care of myself, everything in life seems overwhelming. That’s when I find myself procrastinating the most. As opposed to feeling like I have energy and can take on the world.

  4. Georgiana Quaint

    I find to do lists very helpful to keep track on things I need to get done. It is not always a matter of laziness, I sometimes just forget about some stuff. And yop, smaller goals motivate me not to give up, if a goal is too big it might seem impossible to do it so why bother at all.

  5. David Elliott

    These are all great things. I think I have used all of the things on this list at one time or another to get myself focused. Sometimes it’s still hard for motivation. And in those times I focus on movement. Moving forward gets you towards your goals, no matter how slow, progress is progress.

  6. lex

    i will check my progress from time to time and always challenge myself to do more till i get the goal target set for myself, this should help me defeat laziness.

  7. Sarah Ann

    Sometimes being lazy is just too easy (and okay, fun at times). Even though I work primarily from home, every morning I go for a shower, get myself ready, have my to do list and work my way through it.

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