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5 Ways to Stay Energized Throughout the Day

Whether you’re a student or an employee, maintaining your energy is a hard thing. We tend to feel tired especially when we do not like what we’re doing. When we are bored or just lazy to do stuff. In these times, we tend to ask ourselves the things that we could do to have some more energy to survive the day or at least, until the assigned work to you is done.


The number one rule in maintaining energy throughout the day is obviously, having enough meals that will give you necessary nutrients that your body needs to function throughout the day. The following ways to stay energized are just small actions that you can do to maintain the energy that you have.


1. Drink Lots of Water


Sometimes, our body tends to feel tired because we are dehydrated so drinking a lot of water could somehow revive our energy. Also, water is the purest way of removing toxin and other waste in our body. Drinking coffee or soda when doing work is actually dehydrating. Coffee and sodas have caffeine that could make our body dehydrated. By drinking water we are actually like fueling ourselves to work and function.


2. Take a Nap


Yes, I know it is a busy day and a nap doesn’t have a place in your schedule but let’s remember that when our body is resting, we use smaller amount of energy and that our body is able to recharge itself. A 15-minute nap is enough especially if you’ll put it in the middle of your day. Through this, you will be able to always have fresh energy. Doing this is also hard but according to those who use this tip, it is very effective especially when you have already mastered power nap.


3. Eat Right

Protein Food

Food is the key to energy but too much may result to some fats. We won’t be able to have the energy we want if we don’t eat enough food. Also, we have to make sure that the food we eat has a large amount of nutrients so that our body will be able to function throughout the day. These nutrients will be the ones that will be the fuel of our organ. Skipping meals is not advisable since you are stopping yourself from getting the necessary nutrients you need.


4. Exercise

It is more effective if you do this every morning. Doing this every morning will let our body be introduced to the kinds of the activities we will be having that day. It is like how vaccines work. Also, this makes ourselves stronger hence giving us more energy and resistance to the workload of that particular day.


5. Stretch!

Sometimes, we tend to feel tired because our body doesn’t move that much. If we are just sitting in a room, our energy will settle then we will think that we do not have energy at all. We just do not know that it is settled and it can be used anytime.


Following the mentioned ways will give you an idea in how you should maintain or energy throughout the day. After all, if we are focused on what we are doing we won’t feel and tiredness at all.


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  1. Jade Braham

    This is a great blog post! I love how one of your tips is take a nap – I do that all the time – not to energise but just because I love to sleep :P! but your other points are brilliant and I think i’ll follow your advice!

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