How to Never Run Out of Content- Five Blog Content Ideas

Content is the most important part of all the blogs. Without good content, your blog will never gain readership that will continue to go back to your site. To help you, here are five blog content ideas for your blog.

Content is the sole thing that makes your audience stay on your site and ask for more.

Content is also one of the most important factors that Google’s algorithm looks into when deciding whether your blog is worth to be seen by millions of people searching for certain keywords online.

Google will ignore your site if you fail to provide good content that will help your readers.


However, since millions of blogs have already been established and served a lot of topics, most of content creators nowadays find it hard to make new and original blog content specifically, blog topics.


To fix this dilemma, we have compiled a list of ways to make sure that your blog will never run out of content. This will make your audience expect something new on your site every time they visit.

This will also signal Google spiders to crawl your site frequently and decide whether your articles are worthy and of quality.


Here are the top five ways on how you can make sure that you will never run out of blog topics.



Use YouTube to Your Advantage

YouTube has already been a place of many content online.

Millions of people have already posted millions of hours of videos detailing a lot of things about life, their experiences or their knowledge. Maybe you’re thinking that YouTube is not a place to look for blog topics since other people have already discussed a lot of topics there.

However, what makes YouTube a great place to look for blog topics is the fact that not everything on there is well detailed and well explained.

You can research topics related to your blog’s keywords and just combine ideas to have a new ideas.

You can also look for blog topics that other people failed to explain and make one of your own that details the topic carefully.

This will make your readers appreciate your work and will also make Google choose to show your blog to people whenever they search for your chose topic.



Reddit is an online platform that let users post questions and let ither users answer them.

What makes Reddit a good place to look for blog topics is the fact that people are already searching for a lot of questions there and those questions can actually be the topics of your blog in the future.

If you think that, you can answer certain questions on Reddit, list them and make blog topics about them.

What gives you an advantage over Reddit is the fact that people will no longer have to wait before other users answer their questions since you will already give them the answers on your blog.

This is also great for your blog traffic since most of the times, people have similar questions on certain topics.

Make sure to answer questions that you truly know the answer.

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is another platform that let users ask or answer questions.

What makes Yahoo Answers different from other platform is the fact that most questions posted here are not so serious and most of them are about life experiences.

For example, some people ask here questions like, what will happen if the world stopped spinning. Who will be the president if the current president is impeached?

These types of questions are often hypothetical and are actually fun and interesting to make a blog about. The topics that you will be able to find in Yahoo are also good for your blog traffic since once posted online, people with similar questions in mind will read your article.

People online are also looking for interesting articles and blog posts that actually tickles their minds.

Aside from that, making articles out of these hypothetical situations are also fun because you can learn something new and all you have to do is a little research.



Quora is another platform that let users post and answer questions. Unlike Yahoo Answers, Quora is home to serious questions that actually need research.

There are a lot of experts in Quora but that doesn’t mean that you can no longer use the questions here as your blog topic.

All you have to do is to tweak or change some questions and answer them on your blog. This will let other people find your blog when they search for related keywords about the original questions.

This method is quite difficult. You can still try this since Google values longer content.

This way is challenging as well since you have to do serious research about certain questions. What makes this good for your traffic is the fact that other people may link your site and use your blog post as a reference.

audience, never run out of blog content

Ask Your Readers!

This is probably one of the easiest ways on how you can look for new blog topics or content for your blog. Some of your readers are also asking for some questions and/or interested in certain things.

In this method, all you have to do is ask your followers online on what they want to see in your blog the next time they visit.

Most of the times, people will ask for your blog earnings, your personal life story and even how you got to where you are right now.

This is easy since all you have to do is to be honest to your readers and let them know your stories.

Aside from being able to put something to your blog, you will also be able to gain the trust of your readers by letting them know who you are.

Trust me, this is probably the easiest way to have something new to your site. I also assure you that people love these kind of content. People are interested on people behind the articles that they are reading as well.


If the mentioned ways above are still not enough for you, maybe the best way is to ask yourself first.

Know the things that you are interested at. Start with these articles because sometimes, people’s interests are the same with yours.


Stay Creative. Love Blogging.



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17 Replies to “How to Never Run Out of Content- Five Blog Content Ideas”

  1. Vlad

    So true!! Everytime I run out of ideas I just ask myself, basically, what do I wanna know — and then I do a research that I publish x There’s a saying, the urge to eat comes while eating. Haha

  2. Needa

    I will dive today on Reddit !! one more i want to add !! Answer the public !! for blogger !! Between I learn alot form this post !!

  3. Nina

    I’ve only used Quora a bit, but I get e-mail notifications from them pretty regularly. People always ask the most interesting questions. It makes me think that I should use it more often.

  4. Ali Rost

    I’m always on the lookout for new ideas for blog posts. I love the idea of Reddit and also thinking about what topics others are asking questions about. It’s really amazing when you stop and think about it, just how many topics there really are! Great post

  5. Helen

    I would never have thought of using the Q&A sections of these websites for blog content. It’s a great idea though as those are full of questions us bloggers could answer.

  6. Diidy

    Good Tips.
    Few years ago I used to search at yahoo answers.
    I had an YouTube account a few years ago.
    I ´heard about reddit but I never used this.

  7. Louise

    I very often ask my Facebook followers what post they’d like to see next. I’d rather write content people would like to read, rather than plod on writing just about the things that interest me 🙂

    Louise x

  8. Our Family World

    These are all great suggestions, especially when you hit that slump. I have been in that situation a few times in the past weeks. It was scary. Like I usually have a lot of ideas, but suddenly, I could not write!. Thank you for giving me ideas on how to overcome that.

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