Five Mistakes New Bloggers Always Make

Thousands if not millions of blogs are being created each day since more and more people start to see the things that it offer. However, new bloggers tend to commit mistakes that affect their blog’s readership.


Aside from earning a little bit from it, people also use blogging in order to express themselves. They also use it to voice out their opinions and share their experiences in life like being a mom or being a traveler.


However, not all of these newly created blogs tend to live more than a year. Most of the bloggers who started these blogs abandon their blogs after knowing that having a blog does not mean automatic readership.


For those who continued blogging, they commit five detrimental mistakes that do not only damage the reputation of their blogs but also damage the traffic and search engine optimization of their websites.



Starting a new blog requires a lot of effort since you have to set-up your website, process your hosting and register a domain before you can even start posting blogs. Inconsistency is one of the biggest problems new bloggers face.


Some people find it easy to blog about what they are really interested in but after some time they also tend to be lazy enough not to blog anymore.


Low readership in the number one demotivational thing to them. They think that blogging has no point if no one ever visits your blog anyway. This may be true but posting nothing on your blog means nothing to crawl for Google spiders who check your website.


These spiders check whether you have a new content or not. If you do not continue blogging or if you are not consistent in blogging, these spiders will then tell Google search engine not to prioritize your website.


You just have to be patient. Continue blogging and after some time, you will realize that your blog is already gaining readership and this is because if you’re consistent in blogging Google spiders will tend to prioritize your blog more than those who don’t blog consistently.



Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are websites where you can find a lot of people. These people spend a lot of time on the internet and they are willing to go out of those social media apps just so they can read an interesting article for them.


These sites should be maximize in order to increase your blog traffic. Most new bloggers tend to ignore the importance of having social media presence and sharing their blog posts online.


Sharing your content on social media means a lot of people can see what your blog offers. If they find it interesting, they will go to your blog and who knows maybe they will sign to subscribe to you.


The key is you have to connect to a lot of people. Yes, not all of them will be interested in your blog articles but having a lot of people see that you shared a certain blog post means more chances to increase your traffic.


I do suggest that you make a Facebook page and a Twitter account for your blog. In this way, your readers can follow these accounts to know if you posted something new on your blog.



Ugly Website

Ugly website means low number of visitors. Let’s face it. People do not want an ugly-looking website even if it contains something they want to read.


Too much advertisements, gadgets and pictures destroy the organization of your blog. You have to set your blog in such a way that people will find it easy to access and navigate. You have to be very mindful about your site’s color combination and even the font size and style of your blog should be taken into consideration.


If new visitors don’t find your website as an eye-sore and if they found out that you offer unique and quality content, there is a huge probability that they will come back to your site.


There are already a lot of websites that offer free themes for your site. Some of them even offers themes that are SEO-ready and will help you gain more traffic.


All you have to do is to make sure that the site will load fast and that it will not hurt the eyes that will see them.



White Hat SEO

Search engine optimization is like the backbone of your blog. Without this, it will be almost impossible for you to gain followers.


Search engine optimization talks about the credibility of your site and its worthiness to be part of Google’s search engine results. New bloggers tend to ignore this because of a simple reason that most of them thinks that search engine optimization is rocket science and that only programmers can manipulate it.


They ignore a thing that could actually predict the outcome of their site whether it will be successful or not.


What they do not know is the fact that making certain phrases bold, changing your headings and using appropriate tags are also part of search engine optimization.


If you are a new blogger, I suggest that you read a lot about this since if the number one priority of your blog is to gain traffic, this is the only way.


There are a lot of free online courses out there that will teach you how to make sure that google will find your blog worthy of being placed in their search engine results.



A lot of bloggers, not just new bloggers, are guilty of this crime.


If your blog talks about the experiences of being a mom, it is not smart that you will post something about men clothes or maybe the newest technological gadget. This is because the spiders of google tend to group websites according to their topic.


Now, if you suddenly posted a blog that is not in line with your niche or topic, there is a possibility that Google will think that you are not credible enough.


The only tip here is that you have to stay focused on the purpose of your blog. You have to be consistent and your future blog posts must stay connected to your blog’s niche.


If you can handle this, google spiders will then place you in a certain group or category in which you will have less competitors rather than being classified as a general site.


Being a new blogger does not remove your chance to be a successful blogger. If you can follow the tips that I gave you above, I am sure that one day, I may be one of those people who will be reading your blog.


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