5 Ways to Make Money Online, Work from Home

One of the problems that a typical person encounters in his/her life is always about money. Our lifestyle nowadays are improving thus our expenses are also increasing. Despite the increasing demand to spend more, the salary of a common Filipino is still not enough to sustain his/her daily needs and comfort him/her. Other Filipinos think that their salaries are actually insufficient even just to sustain their everyday needs. Because of these, here are the five ways to make money online:

Work from Home

A lot of make money online ways have sprouted on the internet to help those who need extra money for themselves.


In some of these ways, you can even earn up to 1,000 dollars per month and some actually left their actual job to focus on online jobs that give them money online. In order to help you in your financial problems, if you have any, or to help you earn extra money for your get-outs, we compiled the top five ways to make money while you are at home. These ways will surely let you make money online.


1. Buy and Sell


Buy and Sell if one of the common ways to earn online. If you have an old item that you no longer use and you think other people can still use it, you can post it in some sites to let other people buy it from you.


The process is so easy. You can make an account in OLX.com and start posting your pre-loved items. Once a person finds it interesting, he/she will contact you to buy or negotiate for the price. Once both of you agreed on a deal, he/she must send the payment first before you send him/her the item. In this way you are being secured from scammers online.


You can also sell brand new products online. For example, you have invented a new kind of soap that you think work or maybe you have made a delicious recipe for a brownie, you ca post those products to look for potential buyers.


2. Freelancing
 Freelancer Logo

Do you have a special skill that you think other people may need? If your answer is yes then freelancing could work for you. Freelancing works by employers posting job orders in sites like upwork or freelancer.com. If you think that you can do the required work set by the employer, you must place your bid. Your bid is the price your willing to earn after doing the task required by the employer.


Other sites are the reverse of this but the idea is the same. Some sites like Fiverr and 199Jobs.com let you post your own deal. For example, in 199Jobs, you can say, “I will write a 500-word article for 199 pesos.” If an employer find your deal interesting and good, he/she may order your service.


Some people left their actual jobs to become freelancers. Some of them are now online secretaries, virtual assistant or data encoders.


3. Blogging


This is probably the favorite of many. In blogging, you get to do your passion and earn money from it. Blogging works by making your own website using some free platforms like Blogspot or WordPress. After making your own website you will fill it up with great content that will surely attract a lot of audience. When you already have a large traffic or audience that’s the time when you should already monetize your blog.


There are different ways to monetize your blog. The most common of them is by enrolling your blog to Google Adsense. If your blog got accepted then you will now be able to place advertisements in your blog. When people click the ads that are in your blog, you will earn from it.


Other way is through Affiliate Marketing. Some sites like Lazada let bloggers put their ads in their blogs. If a person clicks that Lazada advertisement and decides to buy something in Lazada, you will earn commission from it.


4. Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

If you are a well performing student at school then this job will work for you. Online tutoring works by posting your deal in sites like Facebook or Twitter. If a struggling student needs a little help in Math, he/she may contact you to tutor him/her personally or online.


This also works by tutoring English to other nationalities like Koreans and Chinese. The English program in those countries are not that intensive compare to what we have in the Philippines. You can use our English skill as an advantage to earn by teaching them basic English.


5. Upload YouTube Videos

This way is similar to blogging but this process is called vlogging or video blogging. You do the same in blogging but this time you video yourself voicing out your opinion or anything from technology news to beauty tips.


You can earn from vlogging by integrating Google Adsense to your YouTube channel. Once integrated, you will advertisements before the YouTube video or even on the sidebar of YouTube.


There are still a lot of ways to earn online but all of the things that I have mentioned are the top ways people use to earn online. I hope you get lucky in exploring the world of internet working.


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