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How to Meditate Properly to Maximize its Benefits

Meditation can give a lot of benefits to our bodies. According to some studies, meditating could increase the blood flow in our brain, hence giving it more oxygen it needs to think clearly and more decisively. Today we will guide you to meditate properly.


According to National Institute of Health, meditation could increase our motivation and decrease the blood pressure that causes some complicated diseases like cancer, aneurysm and cardiac arrest. 


Meditation is already proven one of the best ways to develop our spirituality and increase our self-awareness. It can also help us focus on everything we need to do. It is also proven to decrease the stress that we have due to some things that bother our minds like bills, work, studies and relationships.


Some studies already suggest that we should do it 10 to 15 minutes a day to have its benefits. However, some people find it difficult to do it since while they were doing it something will bother them and stop their focus. If this happens, you should start the meditation process from the start since your focus is already destroyed by external factors.


The three types of meditation are as follow:


Breathing Exercises

This kind of meditation focuses on your breathing to disconnect you from your current thoughts and from anything that bothers your from the world.



This kind of meditation is the kind of meditation where you visualize or imagine pictures in your head to help you see the consequences of the decisions you will make. This also helps in motivation you by visualizing your goal or who you want to be in the future.



In this kind of meditation, you repeat a sound over and over again. Like Breathing Exercises, it helps you to disconnect from the world by repeating the same sound.


Today, we are going to focus on Breathing Exercises since this in one of the easiest type of meditation.


In Breathing exercises, you need to look for a place to meditate then place your back straight. You can sit or lay in the floor as long as your spine is straight. After doing so, start inhaling and exhaling. When you think that you are already ready, you can start to focus on inhaling and exhaling. Count it until you reach 100 or any  number as long as you’re contented to it. If during the process something just pops in your mind, you need to start again. You must retain your focus on you breathing throughout the process.


You will feel lighter after the process. It will brighten your mind and help you work, act or decide properly. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes per day. You will be able to see the effect to your spirituality and physical health.


To help you through the process, we looked for a video that you can watch to help you start meditating. 

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