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10 Ways to Lose Weight at Home without Exercise

As we all know, losing weight requires a lot of time and effort. It also requires a lot of will power especially during the times that we have to resist the temptation to eat a lot or to take a bite from that sweet chocolate cake. Luckily, we have compiled ten ways to help you lose weight at home without exercise.

A lot of people find it hard to start shredding some pounds and actually start losing weight. Some say that they are too busy in work or in school and that eating is their only way to distress.


While, some say that they actually want to lose weight but after sacrificing a few meals and finding that their clothes are still tight, they eventually gave up and went back to their old lifestyle.


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Because of these reasons, it is appropriate to share some tips and tricks on home you can lose weight at home without actually doing any exercise. Before we move on, let me just remind you that gaining weight doesn’t happen overnight. 


You have probably gained weight in the span of years. I am saying this so that you won’t expect these tips to lose you 10 pounds overnight. That is not possible.


The tricks that I will share to you will help you lose weight if you decide to continue doing them always.


Chew Your Food

According to studies, your brain needs at least 20 minutes before it can actually think that you are already full. This because your stomach has a delay when it comes to releasing an enzyme that will signal the brain that you are already full.


This is the primary reason why a lot of people tend to eat more than what they actually need. They eat fast mainly because of hunger and don’t realize that they are already eating too much food that their stomach can handle.


Chewing your food thoroughly also breaks your food into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces are easier to digest. Your intestine will also find it easier to absorb the nutrients of the food and the energy from it.


Use Smaller Plates

Some studies show that you can actually trick your brain into thinking that you are eating a lot of food. Scientists conducted an experiment wherein they used a big plate and a small plate for the same amount of food. 


After letting the participants of the survey eat the food, the scientists then asked them how satisfied they were. People who used big plates say that the food was not enough for them.


On the other hand, the people who used smaller plates say that they ate a lot of food. The implication of this experiment is that, when you use a smaller plate every time you eat, your brain will think that you are eating a lot of food thus letting you lose the amount of food you eat.


Do this in a long period and see how much you lose in weight by just tricking your brain.


Eat More Protein

Protein Food

Your muscles use a lot more calories than any other part of your body (except for the brain). Because of this, some diet experts actually advice people to eat more protein so that their muscles will develop and consume more calories.


Remember that the key of losing weight is calorie deficit. Meaning, the number of calories you eat should be lower than the number of calories you burn throughout the day. With strong muscles, you will be able to help your body burn more calories even if you are not actually doing anything.


Avoid Sugary Drinks

Sugary Drinks

Aside from having a lot of calories, sugary drinks like orange juice or coke contain a lot of sugar which is bad for your body because of many reasons. Aside from the danger of having diabetes because of too much sugar, the glucose from these sugary drinks actually develop and becomes fat when not burned.


A pound of fat is 3500 excess calories that your body failed to burn. Your body failed to burn this fat mainly because it has already burned enough calories to keep your cells working. Aside from calories, sugary drinks also have some ingredients that will make you to be slightly addicted to it.

These ingredients trigger a chemical reaction in the brain that will make your brain release hormone called dopamine. This hormone will actually remind you to drink another can of coke in the future.


Drink a lot of Water


Sometimes, our brain tells us to eat when what it actually wants is just a glass of water. This is the primary reason why scientists also advice people to stay hydrated throughout the day.


According to a study, increasing the amount of water you drink can lose you 10 pounds in a year. Drinking a lot of water also helped adult obese participants of a study to shred a lot of pounds.


Drinking water do not just satisfy your thirst. It can also trick your brain into thinking that you are already full.


Don’t Eat and Tweet

Stop distracting your brain while eating. This can actually lead your into eating more food since the attention of your brain is not on the food but on the smartphone that you are holding while eating.


Studies have shown that people who regularly use their smartphones or electronic device while eating eventually become obese. This is because they are not aware that they are already eating food that is beyond what their body can burn.


Because of this, researchers advice people not to do any task while eating. This will let your attention be on your food and will actually remind you to eat your food properly meaning, chew it thoroughly before swallowing it.


Sleep Well


Can you lose weight by just sleeping?


Yes! Mainly because sleeping can actually help you lose some stress. A lot of people tend to make eating their distress time from work. Instead of eating, why don’t you just sleep.



Sleeping is also important to our body since this is when the immune system works and repairs damaged cells of our body. By sleeping, you can also make sure that your insulin (hormone sensitive to glucose) is not disrupted. Once is insulin is disrupted mainly due to sleep deprivation, your body won’t be able to know that it is eating a lot of fat and sugar.


Drink a Glass of Water Half an Hour before Meal

Drinking a glass of water before meals has been proven to help in losing weight even without exercise. This is mainly because drinking water helps in losing your appetite and desire for food.

This method helps some people in losing weight and is the main reason why the “Water Diet” becomes popular back then. Drinking a glass of water also helps you in thinking that you are already full.


This method will help you cut the amount of food you eat thus letting you lose weight without exercise.


Drink Coffee or Tea


The caffeine found in coffee or tea can also help you lose weight. According to studies, the caffeine in coffee or tea helps in boosting the metabolism by 3% to 11%. This is important since faster metabolism means faster burning of your calories.



If you have a faster metabolism, chances are excess calories will also be consumed by your body to fuel your cells and actually trigger cell growth. Faster metabolism also means that your body can digest the food you eat fast.


Eat more Vegetables and Fruits

I know that this tip is actually cliché but eating a lot of vegetables and fruits actually allows your body to have the nutrients it needs while being full. Some vegetables when consumed will immediately trigger the stomach enzyme that will signal your brain that you are already full.


By eating vegetables and fruits, you can consume little food while having a lot of nutrients.



Nothing can beat proper diet and exercise when it comes to weight loss but the tips and trick I have just shared will definitely help you when done correctly and continually.


If you really want to lose weight, you have to exert more effort and time and start exercising and dieting. This will not just help you lose weight at home without exercise but will also help you improve your well-being.


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